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Aluminium Repairs


Image 1

Here we see Aluminium constructed Demountable Body with damage to the front and the left hand side.
As a lot of these types of bodies are built from kits from European manufacturers some parts can take some time to obtain. As you will see in Image 2 we in this case saved the L/H corner pillar and repaired the lower section hence saving time and costs for the operator.

Image 2

You now see the Demountable Body panelled with the pillar repaired and moved into our Commercial Paintbooth.
With all the equipment we have invested in we are able to move Demountable bodies around our site without the need for the operator to leave the actual vehicle they normally are attached to hence allowing the actual vehicle to keep working for the operator.General CommentsAs you can see from the images shown in this section Aluminium repairs can be carried out on any type of vehicle and of any size as they will fit in our purpose built body and paint shops.


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