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Aluminium Panel Van Repairs


Image One

We were recently asked to repair as required a Mobile Library Aluminium skinned panel van which over the years has suffered from minor panel damage and electrolytic action where the side moulds were fitted causing corrosion.
These vehicles normally have very low mileage for the year first registered and replacement costs are very high. Hence it made sense to do a renovation type repair which is more cost effective than replacing the vehicle with a new one

Image Two

Here you can see the extent of the R/H side replacement panels. We have to cut all the small doors for fuel flaps etc into the new panel and then produce the fuel flap and other doors including the side locker door.

Image Three

 Here you see the extent of the panels replaced on the rear of the vehicle and the L/H side of the vehicle.
The vehicle is now in our Commercial Vehicle spraybooth being prepared to be coated with, the first coat of etching primmer before the base coats primmer filler coats and then the final topcoat of colour.

Image Four

The vehicle is now restored to as new condition as you could get it. All the side mouldings have been renewed with new marker lights. Road Wheels repainted after being shot blasted.
In this particular case you will see that the vehicle had not been re-lettered due to the operator wanting it finished this way so they can fit a new logo scheme on the Library.


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