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Cab Repairs


Image 1

Here we see a Renault HGV with an impact confined to the L/H “A” Post area being pushed into the cab floor and twisting the cab floor and subframe.
Without the proper equipment to tackle such a repair most repairers would have assessed the damage to warrant a new cab. Which in this case would have rendered the vehicle beyond economical repair.

Image 2

In this image you can see the technicians using the Josam Jig and the pulling equipment to realign the cab floor before cutting off the exterior damaged panels.
You can see from this image the amount of equipment required to carry out a professional and effective repair on such a damaged vehicle

After the cab is aligned the old panels are cut off and new panels welded back into position before the vehicle is taken into our HGV paintbooth to have the paintwork reinstated back to, and in some cases better than, its pre accident condition.
Afterwards the vehicle is refitted with a new door grille bumper and the cab interior trims

Image 3

After a full clean all the operators lettering and signs are reinstated and the vehicle is road tested and final checks made to make sure everything is back in working order. A final clean off and the vehicle is seen here in this image shinning and awaiting for collection by the operator. You can also note that due to having the correct equipment all the door gaps grille and bumper alignments are back to manufacturer’s specifications.



In the first image of this vehicle set of three we see the vehicle has it arrived on our site having sustained damage to the R/H/F corner due to having been in collision with the rear L/H side of another trailer. You can note that the damage was such that it has distorted the complete door aperture and the front panel bulkhead has moved and caused the windscreen to crack through the tension of the distortion.



In the second image on stripping down the frontal trim panels we can see that the “A” Post has moved the front bulkhead panel towards the pedal box, hence causing the distortion and tension to crack the screen.
With the aid of the Josam Chassis and Cab alignment system before any panels in the door aperture and the step area are replace the vehicle will be pulled and the front panel bulkhead repaired and re-aligned.
A full wheel alignment check will also take place whilst on the Josam equipment as a matter of full safety for such a vehicle, which carries various loads and weights
When the vehicle is all square and in alignment we proceed with the panel replacement and then the full refinishing of the repaired and replaced panels.



In this final image you can see that all the new panels, screen, and trims fit accurately due to the vehicle being squared up correctly using the Josam Commercial Vehicle Alignment equipment by professionally trained technicians.
In this image you can see that after the refinishing and the rebuilding with new trim parts, new screen, and inner cab trims, the vehicle is then sign written and completely checked and road tested.
Before the vehicle is presented to the operator the vehicle is fully cleaned in prepared for collection, as per seen in this final image.



Fire Engine

Image One

From this image you will see how we had the vehicle delivered to us in a damaged condition. You can see from this image that the Front Grille Panel had come off its hinges and you can also see the O/S door is very misaligned at the top rear corner to the cab.

Image Two

After assessing the damage that the cab was repairable we now see the vehicle in our commercial vehicle workshop on the Josam Commercial Vehicle Jig with its specialist pulling equipment in operation. After we had checked that the chassis was in alignment on the Josam Jig we then use the pulling equipment to square up the cab before we cut off any old damaged panels, thus making sure the door pillars and doors are in alignment. After this operation is completed the old panels can be cut away and replaced by the required new panels.

Image Three

Here we see the vehicle after the new panels were fitted and welded into position in our Commercial Paintbooth with the initial coat of red. We then have to finish off the black areas of the cab to bring the vehicle back to its pre accident condition.
Note the doors are painted off of the vehicle to enable full access to all the door aperture panels and to enable the inner doorframes to be painted before we finish the outer door panels. Hence guaranteeing full coverage of the new parts.

Image Four

On completion of the paintshop the vehicle is rebuilt with the entire bolt on equipment and then re-coachlined and sign written as required. As this is an emergency service vehicle we have the extra work over a normal repair of replacing extra blue lights, sirens etc. We then have to road test the vehicle and make sure all the vehicles extra electrical systems are fully working before handing back to the local authority to re-commission the vehicle back into service.
In this final image of the four the vehicle is waiting collection by the Fire Authority.


M.B Axor 1836 Tractor Unit


Image One


Whilst the damage to this tractor unit looks to be very excessive the major concerns when assessing the damage is to make sure we check the chassis for damage in this type of accident.
You will see that there are two rusted area’s above the front chassis members where the cab mounting have sheered off of the chassis hence throwing the cab out of alignment completely.
We must also make sure that the rear cab saddle and locking mechanism are either OK to be reused or have to be replaced as a matter of safety in this sort of incident.


Image Two

This is a closer view with the entire front Grille removed and you can see that the screen is cracked in various places, which means that the front screen lower bulkhead panel is pushed back towards the dash panel.
To enable us to repair in a professional manner we have to use the Josam Commercial Vehicle Chassis Jig to check the alignment and for us to use the pulling equipment when we have the cab on the Josam Cab Jig before we start to install all the new hinges brackets etc to get the cab mounted back correctly onto the chassis. Whilst the cab is off the chassis we can fix all the mechanical parts that need replacement (i.e.) radiators pipes hoses etc damaged in the accident.
After the repairs are completed and all the necessary body parts are repaired or replaced the vehicle then goes through our Commercial Vehicle Paintbooth to put the paint back to its pre-accident condition and in this case keep it Mercedes Benz warranty by being repaired by The Specialist Mercedes Benz Approved Commercial Repairer for Leeds

Image Three

In the final image you see the vehicle in its finished state after all the usual road tests and checks ready valeted – fully re-lettered – and cleaned awaiting collection by the operator. The vehicle now shows no signs that it has been repaired due to the fully Mercedes Benz technicians that we employ.


General Remarks


You can see from these two entirely different type of cab repairs and types of vehicles that we at Vehicle Bodycare Centre are fully equipped to cope with any make and model from standard type cabs to specialised equipped cabs without any problems and can save you the operator / insurer time and money by doing the job right first time.


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