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Cab Replacement


Fuel Tanker

Image One

The image shows a very extensively damaged Scania P310 with a fuel tanker body. The damage found when stripped out would have meant that an attempt to repair the old cab would have needed a new floor and the amount in cost of parts and extra time to repair on such a new vehicle meant it was more cost effective to replace the cab on the vehicle.
All our cab change repairs also consist of a full chassis check and realignment if found required. We have insisted on the full check of chassis on our Josam Commercial Vehicle Jig as we have seen vehicles that have had cabs fitted by repair shops who did not check the chassis and after fitting new cab mountings still find the new cab does not sit straight with the human eye and when checked have found the chassis whilst they don’t look twisted can distort a few millimetres which when the cab is fitted is enough to make it sit untrue.
This means that this repairer or insurer would have to get vehicle checked out on a Josam or similar Commercial vehicle jig to correct the distortion.
This means more Downtime to the operator which is a very costly unnecessary addition following and accident and especially more so on such a specialist vehicle as a fuel tanker.

Image Two

You see here the vehicle in a completed state with all the fleet colour scheme and lettering ready for collection.
After extensive testing both mechanical and electrical and full road testing and making sure the cab complies with any health and safety issues for fuel tankers. The vehicle id then thoroughly cleaned and a full valet prior to informing the operator that the vehicle is complete.


Refuse Collection Lorry


Image One

 We received this vehicle with an almost fully destroyed cab. After assessing the damage and parts that would be required over and above the cab due to the very expensive nature of this type of vehicle we were asked to proceed with the repair.

Image Two

With the remains of old cab removed we now see the vehicle rolled over one of our Josam Commercial vehicle Jigs. We perform a full chassis and wheel geometry check and alignments as required before we attempt to fit the new cab.
We also replace any electrics and hydraulic pipes whilst we can have full access to them and before we replace them into the new cab.
After the full repaint of the new cab we proceed to replace the new cab mountings before we proceed to replace the new cab and all the trim parts.
Once this is done a final check of the paintwork is carried out and then if no extra work required we carry out full exhaustive road testing and safety testing in the cab.
Finally we valet and clean the exterior of the vehicle.

Image Three

Here we see the vehicle returned to the operators premises fully completed. NOTE! Through the windscreen you can see the steering wheel cover and seat covers that we insist on using, this we feel makes for a professional finish.

General Comments

As you can see from these two repairs we can cope with any make or type of commercial vehicle no matter the weight – length – height we have the equipment to cope with all circumstances and type of repairs. 



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