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Trailer Repairs


Image 1

In this image you can see an Aluminium Bucket Tri-Axle trailer which has suffered damage to the L/H side of the body pushing the rear body wing inwards over the top of the wheels and some slight body damage to some of the body supports.

Image 2


After we removed the old wing section we then fabricated a complete new section which was then welded back into position with our specialist Aluminium Welding equipment and done by our fully Certified Welding Technicians.
All the steps were check on a health and safety issue before we then checked all the rest of the uprights.
The body was then fully cleaned off along with the chassis to present the vehicle back to the operator.

General Comments


As you can see by the example of both trailer repairs we have shown to you that we are equipped to deal with any make, model, and type of construction. From Refrigerated trailers, Curtainsiders, Tipping trailers, and GRP trailers. 
Any length, weight, and height we can deal with in our specialised commercial vehicle body and paint shops.



GRP Trailer


Image One

In this image we see the typical standard 13.6-meter tri-axle GRP constructed trailer in its original damaged state when brought to us for repair.
This is a typical front corner towards the roof section, which is normal of hitting low objects (i.e.) Bridges etc.
In this particular case though you can see that the actual damage is all accross the front panel and the full length of the L/H front corner pillar. You can also see the damage to the Fibreglass roof panel

Image Two

This shows the vehicle in our commercial paintbooth following the replacement of the complete GRP front panel, top cantrail, full L/H corner pillar and sectioned L/H sidepanel, L/H cantrail, and the Fibreglass roof sectioned as required to complete a professional repair. Vehicle now ready for the paintwork and any lettering to be refinished.

Image Three

The vehicle is now seen in its completed state awaiting collection by its operator. From this image you can see that the work we professionally carried out on this vehicle has saved the operator a massive amount of downtime by this repair and the eventual account payer (insurer or operator) a vast amount of money by not fitting a full side and the extra costs of signs and paint materials etc.
With the specialist equipment we have and the specialised technicians we can offer a repair service tailored to your needs.


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